Bank of Energy
Energy at your fingertips
High duration mobility battery source integrated in an interconnected energy system structured in order to generate and increase distribution of electrical energy on a global scale.
Private key
is the key to safety
An innovative technology used to access all the blockchain data and revolutionizes how you can create an account for any necessary platform.
Encryption protocol
Voice Over Blockchain Protocol is an innovative protocol that ensures secure communication between two or more devices by using peer-to-peer and end-to-end encryption. VOBP is based on blockchain technology in order to encrypt data and secure communication.
Designed for privacy
Our innovative operating system based on blockchain technology uses a decentralized computing power cloud and Artificial Intelligence in order to obtain the latest data regarding the newly arisen cyber-threats.
Committed to protecting your data
Privacy is not just a fundamental right, it is also one of our core values. CryptoDATA software allows you to reclaim your privacy and use secure communication. Sharing your experiences and information becomes your decision once again with our privacy-oriented devices. Stay private and reclaim your right to decide when and how to reveal yourself to the world.
Everyday tasks
With us you are respected not exploited
Encrypted messages
  Messages can only be seen by those to whom you have sent them.
Safely send, store and receive messages, images, audio and video calls on your device. CryptoDATA’s services and products do not collect or store your data, so we would not be able to access and transmit it even if we wanted to. We believe that you must be in charge of your messages.
Photos with your loved ones, your most important moments as well as your day-to-day files are safely stored and encrypted since each users’ device becomes both a distribution and a verification server. Your data is not stored on a central server,   with the help of your public key it is kept on users’ device without the risk of being compromised.
Decentralized storage on your own terms
All-in-one system that allows you to connect and access your data at any time from anywhere. Private key encryption is designed to keep your information in your hands until you decide to share it.
Embedded security in our hardware, system and services
Our hardware, system and services use the latest encryption and security protocols to ensure that your most valuable information remains your own.
Our hardware and software are designed to be free from third party control. You will never have to provide a phone number, email address or a bank account. We promote the right to privacy, digital freedom of individuals and free flow of information.
Serverless, your private keys are stored and encrypted on your device with your own configured password. More than that, it cannot be accessed by anyone without the private key. Your sole responsibility is to keep your physical private key safe offline, in order to be able to reconfigure our apps in case of loss and restore access to your digital assets.
All your digital assets are private and secured
Your traffic is secure and shielded from eavesdropping. We cannot see your assets and our VAULT app doesn’t track or store information about your digital transactions.
Your tasks – our solutions
Our hardware, software and services work together to give you the power and flexibility to do everything you need, regardless of where you are.