CryptoData is
a cutting-edge technology company
focused on developing
high tech innovation projects.

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What do we offer to the world?

We Create

Solutions for our customers’
projects. The company delivers a premium
service, that of transforming every client’s
idea into a finished product by, also,
providing solutions for production,
industrialization, sale and distribution.

We Ensure

Technology development and
global digitalization. CryptoDATA’s strategy
is the investment in the human resource to
help create innovative technology solutions.
An educated community revolutionizes the
world and favors work simplification.

We Promote

The creation of a decentralized
ecosystem. The exchange of information
represents the most important element in
an ecosystem’s development, and having
decision-making power upon that
exchange is the main element that favors
the consolidation of a decentralized

We Facilitate

Secure data transfer technologies.
The company’s main priority is its
users’ cyber-security and the protection
of their privacy. By implementing
CryptoDATA’s patented technology, the
VOBP, we have securely connected over
1500000 users worldwide in the year 2019.

It is the world’s first Blockchain Smarphone that use VOBP algorithm to encrypt all data to secure user’s information. IMPulse is an encrypted smartphone with physical encryption key that offers an outstanding user experience, the special design highlighting its distinctiveness.
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is the
For Organizations
And People
And Corporate
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Protect the Secrets
For CryptoDATA, security is an important element. The company develops devices that use VOBP encryption technology that secures both the information transmitted and the communication channels used. CryptoDATA offers devices that are suitable for any situation and any business. The functions of these devices can be applied in a wide range of fields of activity and ensure the protection of confidential data both by transmitting documents, voice calls, text messages or video calls.
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Enjoy the

The digital experience is no longer an option, it is a must. The devices offered by CryptoDATA use innovative technology to meet the needs of users in any situation. Multimedia devices have a unique and innovative look and meet the highest standards of performance.

Artificial intelligence software helps the user to capture the most important moments in a spectacular way.

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Technology Innovation
at the Highest Level
CryptoDATA is a company based on the project concept. To provide
users with a unique experience, we have developed and patented a
unique encryption engine that integrates artificial intelligence modules.
New Encryption Protocol
VOBP is a new age security system that ensures users a complete protection of their data. Developed by the CryptoDATA engineers, the Voice Over Blockchain Protocol manages to efficiently combine strong elements and knowledge gathered from a variety of scientific fields to increase the security of your communication devices.
The B-IPFS is a new technology that works on an efficient structure regarding data transfers and storage. B-IPFS changes the resource allocation mode by transforming each user into a node. This system is based on a decentralized distribution and encrypted communication.
Matrix ID is an innovative technology created by CryptoDATA, that revolutionizes the procedure in which a person creates an account for any platform: e-mail, phone, account, device or identification number.
Designed for Encryption
Build for Security
CryptoDATA OS is the operating system developed by CryptoDATA for the company’s commercialized electronic equipment. It is a system purpose-built for enabling devices’ connection to Blockchain technology, its security being protected by WORM Guard, a software integrated in the source code’s architecture. This operating system uses the decentralized computing power cloud and Artificial Intelligence in order to procure current information regarding the newly arisen cyber-threats and needs.
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